Hand-crafted botanicals since 2015

Since 2015, we’ve been turning nature’s best ingredients into hand-crafted,

professional-grade products from shampoo to face and beard oils.

What they have in common is care, authenticity and the power of nature to soothe, enrich and reinvigorate.

It’s a holistic collection of complementary products, in eco-friendly packaging, to help you look good, feel good and do good.


Our premium range of natural, professional hair and skin care products is rooted in aromatherapy and is available in sublime therapeutic fragrances of relaxing Lavender & Vetiver, uplifting Bergamot & Ginger, plus an Unfragranced range for extra-sensitive skin.

All natural, naturally

We don’t believe in little synthetic additions. We’ll never test on animals.
Behaving responsibly is as obvious to us as it is to you.

The botanicals in nature already come with a power that’s bigger than all of us.
Unadulterated scents and aromas have been affecting the way we feel for centuries.
It’s our job to get out of the way, bringing you these ingredients in their purest, most unadulterated form.

All while doing our bit to safeguard the world around us,
from recyclable packaging to traditional blending by hand.


Steeped in the diverse worlds of traditional high-end barber shops, natural cosmetics and aromatherapy, Barbershop Botanicals is our innovative men’s grooming range.

A range of natural, expert mood-enhancing products that not only stand up to the vigorous professional environment, but also deliver at home for the everyday modern man.

For your hair, skin and state of mind

Self-care isn’t something you find on a website or the back of a bottle.
It’s something you can feel, inside and out.

That’s why every one of our products is blended to do two things:
nourish your skin and hair while enhancing your daily ritual with focused aromatherapy.
If it doesn’t naturally reinvigorate the way you feel, it doesn’t go in. It’s that simple.

Because we believe that when you feel confident and at your best, your potential to move
through the world with kindness, care and compassion is limitless.

Ethical. Sustainable. Authentic.

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